The little pot that says a lot

Succ It
The Perfect Gift.

All of my houseplants have names, usually after the person who gave them to me. Karen lives on the kitchen bench because she is very happy there. Jaala prefers it there too, even though she was supposed to live in the studio. George likes it steamy in the bathroom. Lilo likes to laze about and hangs near the reading chair. She’s too relaxed, it makes me jealous. They all make me so happy. My pottery has names too. Handmade gift pieces have that same personal connection. Some of my plants are named after the pot they are in. Aunty Katherine, for example, lives on the deck by the front door. She has been known to wet herself, so she had to move outside.

See, the thing about plant gifts is getting to give a little bit of love to someone who can nurture your connection even when you don’t get to see them.

- Martine (Co-founder)