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About me now, commitment to Australia, and the back story...
Welcome to Chapter 2
This ceramics story was born in Covid 2020.  A year on it is time to grow up and get practical.  I am loving being back into the clay studio after many years of dabbling on and off, and am excited to bring you small batch homewares that will warm your home.  I am ever inspired by the surfcoast environment that surrounds me and create pieces that capture this lifestyle. I feel like this journey is bringing me back to who I have always been and also filling the wind in my sails.  I feel so lucky to have the opportunity to live out creative passion everyday.  I am forever grateful to Lea, my partner in Succ It Ceramics, for what we were able to create together and for what I have gained from this.  I forged ahead stronger, braver, and healed. 

Australian Made

 Our ceramics begin when the clay they are made from is scooped right out of this island we call home.

-Supplies bought from the amazing local supplier Clay Commune. 

 -Fired in an Aussie made Tetlow kiln using Red Energy, a completely Aussie owned power company.

- When it's time to say goodbye to our little succas, we nest them in Ecocern recycled paper, Elk tissue paper and Inke's Aussie made boxes. Industrial Yarn has also developed a custom made cotton, just for us!

 - We use Sendle and Australia Post for our deliveries.

 We are a 100% Australian owned company and proud of it.


Where we started...
Like a lot of people 2020 has been somewhat succy and this stands true for Succ it Ceramics creators, Lea and Martine.

Martine, who is typically a little shy when sharing her art, took a leap at the beginning of the year and opened a community art space.  The intention was to create a space for locals to gather, create and share. That leap landed with a thud thanks to the year that is 2020.

Lea, our resident bad-ass business woman, provided the inspiration and confidence to tap into this year’s buzz word – pivot!  Lea owns a boutique corporate travel business which was booming. Was. Clearly the demand for travel evaporated so Lea had to think outside the square to keep her super bad-ass businesswoman status. 
Lea and Martine knew the only thing to do was to Succ it up.  What they realised was the importance of the personal connection, letting people know things can be succy but I’m here and thinking of you.
And so the range was born.
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