Eco Ethos





- Our ceramics begin when the clay they are made from is scooped right out of this island we call home. We purchase our Keane clay from the amazing Clay Commune.


-They are then formed with our own hands, baked in a Tetlow Aussie made kiln and fired using Red Energy, a completely Aussie owned power company.


- Our plants, are grown and sourced locally.  They may not have indigenous roots, but they and their families are firmly rooted here and are one of us


- When it's time to say goodbye to our little succas, we nest them in Ecocern recycled paper, Elk tissue paper and Inke's Aussie made boxes. Industrial Yarn has also developed a custom made cotton, just for us!


- We use Sendle and Australia Post for our deliveries.


We are a 100% Australian owned company and proud of it.